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In Anthropologie on May 10, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Anthropologie webisodes.

I’m not going to do all the work for you Anthropologie, but it goes something like this:

100, 5-10 minute webisodes that stream from the website or from the blog.

Four female leads, four different European cities, living four different lives.

“The explorer/traveler”, “the romantic”, “the art student”, “the model/actress”.

Each girl makes up for a quarter of the storyline content. Different adventures, dramas, and lovestories, of course.

It’d be like Sex and City meets Anthro. Perfect timing, P.S.

This is a perfect way to capture the idealistic romance of the brand. These characters live in Anthropologie clothing and act out their stories surrounded by Anthropologie interiors. I think its totally in line with the art that the company loves and setting the webisodes in beautiful and exotic cities is a great escape for the women watching. And then those women will escape to their nearest Anthropologie and try to live out the dream as best they can.

(Like when I watch an iconic French film from the fifties or sixties and desperately want to be the heroine in my everyday life so I only wear flats, and black and white striped shirts for a week.)

The most successful branded web show to date is Ikea’s Easy to Assemble.  Last year the show captured 5 million watchers in its second season and now has a couple spin offs in the works. This series is comedy, but the idea behind a romantic Anthropologie series would remain the same:

Push the entertainment while not seeming like you’re pushing a product, when in fact you are.

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Additional ideas:

  • Launch a menswear line. That would be ultra dreamy.
  • Increase kids wear offerings, in stores and online. Young mothers who are obsessed with Anthropologie are dying to dress their children in the clothes as well.
  • Exclusive, specialty pop up shops in major cities. Sell limited edition apparel in rented spaces in major metros across the country and in Europe.
  • Anthropologie outlets. That have rugs and curtains. Because the stores don’t carry the rugs and curtains. And EVERYONE thinks its super annoying.
  • Better publicized partnerships with eclectic artists or musicians. Like this, with Hatch Show Print, which was awesome.
  • The Anthro Wardrobe. Similar to a polyvore site. Collect your Anthropologie clothes virtually.
  • But 1, get 10. That’s right-BOGT? Buy one specific accessory at a slightly above average price point, choose 10 low price point items (tiny barrettes, etc.) for free.

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