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In Anthropologie on April 11, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Anthropologie is a retail company that sells clothing for women and children, accessories, gifts, and objects for home. They offer:

Dresses Knits & Tees Blouses Sweaters Denim Pants & Crops Shorts Skirts Jackets Swim Sleep & Lounge Intimates Petite Sandals Heels & Wedges Booties Sneakers Flats Oxfords Handbags Clutches & Smalls Necklaces Earrings Bracelets Rings & Pins Scarves Wraps Belts Hair Accessories Hats Eyewear Beauty & Fragrance Bedding Bath Furniture Upholstery Rugs Curtains Hardware Lighting Pillows Wallpaper Wall Décor Room Décor Dining Kitchen Candles Books Stationery Garden Hobbies & Leisure Kids

Anthropologie sells these products through catalogs, retail stores in the US, Canada, and UK, and online, shipping to 91 countries. Prices range from under $10 objects for home and under $20 intimates, apparel/accessories priced from $20 to a few hundred, and furniture priced up to $6000. Each retail location’s layout is visually unique, but the overall experience from store to store is consistent. Anthropologie stores are beautifully designed, interesting, market style spaces; often with large-scale artistic visual installations. Each section of the floor plan is its own little experience. Words to describe the brand and its retail locations-vintage, organic, romantic, and inspiring.

Anthropologie’s website states they seek to offer women a one-of-a-kind and compelling shopping experience that makes them feel beautiful, hopeful and connected. Anthropologie’s parent company, Urban Outfitters targets women under 30, and Anthro is kind of the evolution of that female customer. Their target market is supposedly the affluent female 30-40 year old crowd.  I think a significant portion of their market also includes women under 30 and older who eat cereal until next payday to buy something special there. The company definitely has many customers who may not purchase that often, but love the brand and pay attention to what they do. If you read the reviews eighty percent are written longingly by broke shoppers who love Anthro and are willing to empty their wallets to get it. I know both types- I have girlfriends who buy everything there, and have the salary to back it up, but I have other friends who will overdraft their bank account for a special purchase there. Whichever type, there are a lot of loyal Anthropologie worshipers.

Anthropologie has some strong direct marketing. Their catalog is integral to the brand. Each book is beautiful and a lot of work goes into the layout and photography. Each one is thematic or conceptual. Each one tells a different story, like their stores. Their daily emails tell the same story and have the same look that the current catalog or homepage of the website does. They tie it all together well.


Backing up their kind of signature line of making women feel beautiful, hopeful, and connected Anthropologie sends its customers a little gift on their birthday, along with a discount on their next purchase. This year I got a cute little necklace with a birthday candle charm on it, last year was a nice fabric sewing kit. I think it works.


  1. Your blog in very informative! I’ve never been in an Anthropologie store, but I did visit their page and do agree that videos would be an added plus.

  2. I like this layout. Its different than the typical scroll down layout… Love Anthropologie too!

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